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The worlds can be one together
Cosmos without hatred
Stars like diamonds in your eyes
The ground can be space space space space space
With feet marching towards a peaceful sky
All the Moonmen want things their way
But we make sure they see the sun
Good bye Moonmen
You said good bye Moonmen
Good bye Moonmen
Good bye Moonmen

Python While 循环语句

By a lake,  two hamsters lived there, mother and son. One day, the little hamster said to his mother, ‘Mom, I’d like to travel around the lake a week.’

HackDesign 是给设计师的一套完整的入门课,然而它的内容真是超多,从最开始忍不住所有文章一篇篇地看下来,到后面只能粗略浏览下来。这个领域实在太丰富和有趣,作为产品设计小白,大概现在只是形成了一些摇摇欲坠的初步印象,更是产生了一大堆问题,所以不敢说已经形成了产品设计体系1.0(好惭愧啊好惭愧...)

------ a song about genocide of all carbon matter

Python 编程中 while 语句用于循环执行程序,即在某条件下,循环执行某段程序,以处理需要重复处理的相同任务。其基本形式为:while 判断条件:

‘great!’ The mother hamster said, ‘well, have a nice trip.’

所幸Hack Design课程框架清晰,短短时间看下来我好像也能说:“哦,原来产品设计是这么一回事!” 。暂且记录一些碎片的知识点,以后还需要下很多很多功夫,继续回去慢慢hack。


‘See you, mum.’ The little hamster went off on a trip.



After walking  for a while he saw an old turtle.

On good design

Dieter Rams's 10 Principles for Good Design

Good design is innovative
Good design makes a product useful
Good design is aesthetic
Good design makes a product understandable
Good design is unobtrusive
Good design is honest
Good design is long-lasting
Good design is thorough, down to the last detail
Good design is environmentally friendly
Good design is as little design as possible

Other favorite quotes from Objectified:

Consider wearing something in rather than wearing it out.
– Bill Moggridge, co-founder IDEO

Design needs to be plugged into human behavior. Design dissolves in behavior.*
-Naoto Fukasawa

A lot of what we seem to be doing in a product like that is actually getting design out of the way. And I think when forms develop with that sort of reason and they’re not just arbitrary shapes, it feels almost inevitable, it feels almost undesigned. It feels almost like ‘well of course it’s that way, why would it be any other way?’
-Johnny Ive, Senior VP Industrial Design, Apple


‘Grandpa tortoise, where are you going?’ Asked the little hamster.



  1. Design is still about words.
  2. 95% of web design are words.

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超好玩:Kerning & Letter Shaping Game!

The Kerning Game

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Letter Shaping Game

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‘Oh, little hamster, I'm going to the river below the hill to see my grandson.’ The old turtle said kindly, and he paused, then said, ‘but I am too slow, I am afraid I could not arrive on time.’

User Experience Design

The Design of Everyday Things, by Donald A. Norman

Designers are to blame if users fail to use products correctly.

How to make products easy to understand:

  1. Natural mapping
  2. Perceived affordances
  3. Feedbacks
  4. Constraints

User-Experience Research

  • 澳门金莎娱乐场网址,Behavioral attitudinal
  • Qualitative vs. quantitative
  • Context of use

Rapid prototyping

Three step process: prototype, review, refine

Scoping a prototype: 20% of functionality that is used 80% of the time

Choosing appropriate fidelity:
Visual fidelity
Functional fidelity
Content fidelity

Interesting case study: The Aardvark Theory of Product: Fake It Till You Make It

Learning about your users


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  • Vitamin: UX is critical.
  • Addictive Drug: Users will be highly active without great initial UX. But eventually - should improve UX as other competitors enter.
  • Painkiller: It depends on what goal you are after.
  • Extinct: Lol

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The little hamster had a brainwave and said, ‘you can retract your head and feet inside your shell. I'll push you, and you'll be there soon.’

User Interface

第一次真正接触UI啊啊啊,好多不懂的technical details。重点浏览了UI Design with Purpose这一课。

UI design with purpose

Quote 1

The purpose of UI design, above all else, is to deliver content and make visual sense of well planned out UX.

Quote 2

'The best user interfaces allow the content to shout, while the UI whispers'.

Main contents:

  1. Debating “invisible design”
  2. Flat design vs. skeuomorphism
  3. Balancing capability and style
  4. Balancing aesthetics and usability
  5. Importance of having unifying UX in a product

Gif 演示 Python while 语句执行过程

‘That would be great’ the old turtle said slowly. ‘Thank you, the young man!’

Graphic Design

Be good with color:
Make color combinations harmonious and effective.

Employ white space where needed:
Actively ‘use' blank space to create clean looks, express hierarchy and relationships among contents.

Visual hierarchy in content organization:
Prioritize different parts of contents, guide users as to read and understand contents in desired order/manner

Deciding what's good:
It's not enough to just know general principles what makes a design good. Need to come up with your own criteria in order to decide what's good for your own product.

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So the little hamster pushed it and the old turtle rolled down. ‘Good bye.’

Designing for Mobile

好多不懂的technical details,基本只看了标题,就忽略吧。。。


‘Good bye.’ As soon as they waved goodbye, hamster suddenly slipped and fell into the water.

Interaction Design

From Wikipedia, The Five Dimensions of Interaction Design:

The dimensions of interaction Design was first introduced in the introduction of the book Designing Interactions. Gillian Crampton Smith stated that there were four dimensions to an interaction design language. A fifth dimension was added by Kevin Silver.

1D Words - This dimension defines the interactions. Words are the interaction that users use to interact with.
2D Visual Representations - The visual representations are the things that the user interacts with on the interface. These may include but not limited to "typography, diagrams, icons, and other graphics"
3D Physical objects or space - The space with which the user interacts is the third dimension of interaction design. It defines the space or objects "with which or within which users interact"
4D Time - The time with which the user interacts with the interface. Some examples of this are "content that changes over time such as sound, video, or animation"
5D Behavior - The behavior defines the users actions in reaction to the interface and how they respond to it.

Human-Centered Design

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Instead of making your product awesome, think about how to make users using your product awesome. What users can become badass about around your tool?

Content Strategy for Interfaces
Creative problem solving and everyday design
Effective Behavior Design
Cultivating Compassion

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‘Help!......’ The little hamster only saw a shadow and was carried to its back, then he passed out......

Front-End Design

Technical details. Skip again.


It was second days when he woke up, he suddenly found the goldfish beside the lake. ‘did you save me?’ Said the little hamster.

Product Design



"Yes," answered the goldfish, ‘how did you fall into the lake?’

count = 0

‘I slipped, and I plan to travel around the lake for a week," said the little hamster.

while (count < 9):

The goldfish said, ’Really? I can carry you. Jump on my back.’

print 'The count is:', count

‘It’s amazing! thanks!’ said the little hamster.

count = count 1

In this way, the little hamster continued its journey.

print "Good bye!"

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运行实例 »

以上代码执行输出结果:The count is: 0

The count is: 1

The count is: 2

The count is: 3

The count is: 4

The count is: 5

The count is: 6

The count is: 7

The count is: 8

Good bye!

while 语句时还有另外两个重要的命令 continue,break 来跳过循环,continue 用于跳过该次循环,break 则是用于退出循环,此外"判断条件"还可以是个常值,表示循环必定成立,具体用法如下:

# continue 和 break 用法

i = 1

while i

0: # 非双数时跳过输出


print i # 输出双数2、4、6、8、10

i = 1

while 1: # 循环条件为1必定成立

print i # 输出1~10

i = 1

if i > 10: # 当i大于10时跳出循环



如果条件判断语句永远为 true,循环将会无限的执行下去,如下实例:



# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-

var = 1

while var == 1 : # 该条件永远为true,循环将无限执行下去

num = raw_input("Enter a number :")

print "You entered: ", num

print "Good bye!"

以上实例输出结果:Enter a number :20

You entered: 20

Enter a number :29

You entered: 29

Enter a number :3

You entered: 3

Enter a number between :Traceback (most recent call last):

File "test.py", line 5, in <module>

num = raw_input("Enter a number :")


注意:以上的无限循环你可以使用 CTRL C 来中断循环。

循环使用 else 语句

在 python 中,while … else 在循环条件为 false 时执行 else 语句块:



count = 0

while count < 5:

print count, " is less than 5"

count = count 1


print count, " is not less than 5"

以上实例输出结果为:0 is less than 5

1 is less than 5

2 is less than 5

3 is less than 5

4 is less than 5

5 is not less than 5


类似 if 语句的语法,如果你的 while 循环体中只有一条语句,你可以将该语句与while写在同一行中, 如下所示:



flag = 1

while : print 'Given flag is really true!'

print "Good bye!"

注意:以上的无限循环你可以使用 CTRL C 来中断循环。